Frightful's Mountain

By George, Jean Craighead

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Summary: Fans of Jean Craighead George's My Side of the Mountain (a Newbery Honor Book) and On the Far Side of the Mountain will be delighted to return to upstate New York's Catskill Mountains for the conclusion of her trilogy, which appears 40 years after the first title's publication in 1959. Written because a young fan asked, "What happened to Frightful?" this volume tells how Sam Gribley's peregrine falcon--that's Frightful--has to make her own way in the world after Sam is forced to release her. Although told in the third person, the story is developed entirely from the bird's point of view. George's narrative follows the falcon through a series of dangerous adventures (involving DDT, electricity lines, and unscrupulous bird traders, to name a few) as she learns to depend on her own instincts. The environmental message is slightly heavy-handed, but it's wrapped in an enjoyable story from a much loved and astoundingly prolific author. You don't need to have read the earlier books to make sense of this one, though it may help. (Ages 9 and older)